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                                    Leaders, HR, Talent, Training
                                    & Learning Professionals
                                    Create High Performance
                                    Individuals and Organizations
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                                    Consultants, Training Firms,
                                    Coaches and Speakers
                                    Transform your business and clients.
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                                    Creating?Student, Instructor and Institutional Success
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                                    Since our beginning, CRG’s commitment has been to support individuals independent growth by providing learner-centered and friendly solutions, without creating co-dependent relationships.


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                                    With nearly 90% of the global workforce not engaged at work there is some serious opportunity for improvement. CRG solutions and assessments helps career development professionals (and individuals directly) to Live, Lead and Work On Purpose!


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                                    For over 40 years assisting you to create high-performance leaders, teams and organizations.
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                                    Do you want to know the SECRET that will help individuals and organizations excel. Do you believe that “knowing your personality” is all that you need to succeed?


                                    Use these tools to empower: individuals, teams, and organizations so that they can realize their full potential.
                                    This set of tools has been specifically designed for people who are leaders and responsible for the vision of an organization.
                                    A step-by-step system that will enable you to build teams that have purpose, responsibility, and motivated attitudes.
                                    Get people talking and planning more effectually with this easy-to-follow system that will enable people to have more productive meetings, better email communication, and an overall improvement on efficiency.
                                    In today’s stressful and fast-paced working environments, nothing is more important than your peoples’ health. It makes a big difference in the overall efficiency of an organization almost immediately.
                                    Build a stronger and more motivated “customer facing team,” that understands how important it is for sales teams to work seamlessly with customer service.
                                    These critical tools will enable HR to find the right people for the correct position every time. Designed to work seamlessly with your existing systems.
                                    One of the most essential tools for any individual in an organization no matter what level. Get people to asses themselves and then bring that new vision into their daily work habits.
                                    Some of the most talented and profitable team members in your organization will need unique approaches and teams so that you can capture 100% of their potential.


                                    Personal Style Indicator:

                                    • Why Do 80% of Professionals Switch to CRG’s “Personal Style Indicator”?
                                    • Develop “Whole Person” Results at Your Own Pace



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